Python, Yahoo API

So I found the solution. You can download it under the Downloads section. #Yahoo API #!pip install fix_yahoo_finance import fix_yahoo_finance as yf import pandas_datareader as pdr import datetime import pandas as pd yf.pdr_override() # <== that’s all it takes :-) def get(tickers, startdate, enddate): def data(ticker): return (pdr.get_data_yahoo(ticker, start=startdate, end=enddate))…

AI – Blockchain

AI – Blockchain

Two very interesting companies working to solve the computing power problem with AI. Read more at: Read more at:   And further reading: How Artificial Intelligence Works AI works by combining large amounts of data with fast, iterative processing and intelligent algorithms, allowing the software to learn automatically from patterns…


Interesting thoughts on investing in blockchain technologies. #neo #eth #btc #siacoin #golem