Backtesting and optimizing your strategys in MT4

Backtesting and optimizing your strategys in MT4

Today im about to share a good tip regarding a reliable program for downloading and exporting historical data into MT4.

The program is called Tickstory:

Tickstory is a trader’s database that:

  • Downloads market data for instruments from various sources.
  • Stores this information in a local database for quick retrieval.
  • Outputs/exports this data to various trading platforms.

The current version of Tickstory Lite allows you to:

  • Download quality tick data for Forex pairs for free.
  • Export your data to Ninjatrader,Amibroker & Neuroshell Trader.
  • Export your data to Metatrader 4, and produce quality 99% back-tests of your Expert Advisors!
  • Export this data to file (in custom formats like CSV) so you can import it into your own trading package.

The best part is that the program is free.

You can visit their website here.


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